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With more than 20 years continuously striving to provide North America market a full range of high qunlity power cords products, Cordsrite become a fast grown innovative company with its own manufactory located in China, a various of cords such as indoor, outdoor extension cord sets, RV extension cord set, generator cord sets, light string and more adapter cord sets can be made in the factory. Cordsrite has a strong team proficient in designing and producing various kinds of plugs and connectors to fit different customers' needs, the cords range that made in Cordsrite can be SJTW, STW, SJTOW, STOW, SJEOOW, SEOOW, SPT, SRDT and Conventinal cords. Please take your time to tour around this web and contact us for more detailed information.

Cordsrite is looking forwards to listening to your neeeds and would like to develop more products with your suggestion, Tell us your idea, Cordsrite can give you a real product soon.

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Add. No.13, 4th Industrial Zone, Chang Zhen Village, Gong Ming Town, Bao An District, Shenzhen, Guang Dong, China
Tel. (755) 2987 4998    Fax. (755) 2716 9890 Post Code:  518132



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